Keto Kale Salad with Avocado, Chicken, & Lemon Dressing

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Are you on the lookout for a straightforward keto kale salad with avocado, hen, and lemon dressing recipe? This one is the best possible! Plus, it ticks all of the bins:

  • Quick and easy
  • Requires little to no cooking
  • Low carb and keto-friendly
  • Insanely scrumptious

You’ll love this recipe whenever you’re in a pinch and want a fast dinner, and it is excellent in case you’re working out of wholesome lunch concepts.

This massaged kale salad is tender and savory, bursting with flavorful avocado, hen, and lemon dressing French dressing made with Dijon mustard and black pepper. Red onion provides a gorgeous pop of shade, and sesame seed kernels ship a satisfying crunch. The result’s an unbeatable taste mixture that is positive to please even the pickiest of palates. 

Of course, the salad is nice for keto too. All of the substances are complete meals and low in carbohydrates, with no sugar or starchy fillers within the dressing. Kale and avocado are each dietary powerhouses, offering loads of micronutrients and electrolytes needed for a wholesome keto eating regimen. An straightforward keto-friendly dish that is stuffed with superfoods and tastes superb – what’s to not love?

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🥘 Ingredients

  • Kale
  • Avocado
  • Chicken breast
  • Red onion
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Dijon mustard
  • Lemon juice
  • Pepper
  • Sea salt
  • White wine vinegar
  • Sunflower seed kernels

Kale: the recipe makes use of uncooked Lacinato kale, also referred to as dinosaur kale, Tuscan kale, or cavolo nero. This kale is a little more tender than the curly varieties, making it a wonderful choice for uncooked kale salads. Still, it does require massaging to make the leaves tender with out cooking. Massaging additionally makes the leaves much less bitter. There are totally different kale varieties to select from, which will be interchanged primarily based on private desire and what’s accessible in your space. Just just remember to use uncooked kale as a substitute of frozen choices to make sure the dish is contemporary – save the frozen kale for cooked dishes or smoothies. Note that in case you use child kale, the leaves don’t have to be massaged to tenderize, and it’s non-compulsory.

Chicken breast: Any cooked hen breast will suffice. This is a superb alternative to make use of hen breast made throughout meal prep or time-saving rotisserie hen. Sautéed or grilled hen is improbable on this recipe. Just give the meat time to chill or chill earlier than utilizing it within the salad.

Vinegar: White wine vinegar is used within the recipe, however that you should use cider, pink wine, or balsamic vinegar to make the lemon dressing French dressing as a substitute when you’ve got it helpful.

Lemon juice: Freshly squeezed lemon juice is most well-liked, however bottled lemon juice is a suitable substitute if needed. Just learn the label to ensure it aligns with your dietary wants.

Overhead shot of ingredients used to prepare recipe: kale bunch, chicken breast on plate, olive oil in cup, lemon, cut avocado and red onion.

👩‍🍳 How to Make

Prepare the kale

The very first thing you wish to do is put together the kale. When making the salad, they sometimes use two bunches of kale which yields roughly eight cups complete as soon as chopped.

Wash the kale leaves and dry completely. Cut the thick, stocky stems out of every piece with a pointy knife. Or strip the stems out by pulling and tearing off the darkish inexperienced leafy half with your palms. Discard the fibrous stems.

Chop or tear the leaves into strips or ribbons, and place them in a big bowl.

Drizzle a small quantity of olive oil over the kale, sprinkle with a pinch of salt, and therapeutic massage kale till it simply begins to change into wilted and tender, about 30 to 60 seconds, give or take. Do not over therapeutic massage, or the leaves will change into overworked and lose their salad texture – cease when it begins to wilt, not when it is utterly wilted.

Set the bowl apart and put together the opposite substances.

Step by step process of preparing and massaging kale leaves for salad.

Chop the substances

Chop the cooked hen breast into small, half-inch cubes. Add the hen to the kale.

Dice or slice the pink onion into small items. Add the onion to the bowl.

Cut the avocado in half and take away the pit. Carefully rating the avocado flesh in a grid, horizontally (high to backside) and vertically (crosswise), to create sq. chunks. Scoop out the avocado chunks with a spoon and switch them to the kale salad.

Add the sunflower seed kernels to the salad bowl.

You can both toss the salad now or wait till after it has been dressed.

Chopped ingredients on top of massaged kale leaves before tossing salad together.

Preparing the lemon dressing French dressing

For the salad dressing, use a jar with a lid so you may shake the French dressing to combine all of it collectively rapidly. If you do not have a lidded jar or container, use a bowl and whisk as a substitute.

Add additional virgin olive oil to the jar, then squeeze the juice of half a lemon in. If utilizing bottled lemon juice, use two tablespoons.

Add in white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, black pepper, and sea salt. Mix the dressing by screwing the lid on tightly and giving all of it a superb shake.

Finally, pour the dressing over the ready kale salad with avocado and hen, toss collectively nicely, serve, and revel in!

Step by step process photos of preparing salad dressing and tossing the salad.

🗓️ Make-Ahead & Meal Prep Tips

If you intend to make this salad forward of time, I recommend getting just a few issues prepared however ready to mix all the parts till you are able to serve. Store the substances and dressing individually to make it last more.

For instance, you may chop your whole greens and hen forward of time throughout your meal prep session. Except for avocado – do not reduce that till simply earlier than serving.

Get the kale prepared for its therapeutic massage, however maintain off on the therapeutic massage till the day you serve to make it last more. Pre-massaging is an choice, however it’s going to shorten the shelf-life – massaged kale will solely final refrigerated for about three days.

The lemon dressing French dressing is a superb make-ahead choice, so you’ll want to embody this throughout meal prep to avoid wasting time at lunch or dinner. Just retailer refrigerated till prepared to make use of, then shake nicely earlier than dressing the salad.

Lemon dressing poured from mason jar onto chopped kale mixed with avocado, chicken, red onions, and sunflower seed kernels in bowl.

🍽️ Recipe Adaptations

Swap the kale: Have one other leafy inexperienced readily available? Not a fan of kale? Feel free to substitute one other darkish leafy inexperienced for the kale on this recipe. Spinach, romaine, or arugula could be improbable swaps with the flavour profile, however be happy to get inventive. Just bear in mind to skip the therapeutic massage step if utilizing one other inexperienced.

Sweeten it up: If you favor candy dressings, there isn’t any purpose you may’t get pleasure from them on keto. Add a small quantity of keto-friendly sweetener to the dressing earlier than shaking and regulate to style. Stevia, monk fruit, and erythritol are all fashionable choices. Still, I desire to make use of allulose in liquids as a result of it dissolves utterly and behaves equally to sugar, making it a beautiful one-to-one substitute in recipes.

Get tacky: be happy so as to add cheese to the salad. Parmesan is a superb addition to the recipe, however one thing just a little tangier, like goat cheese, would work as nicely.

Nuts and seeds: sunflower seed kernels at a pleasant little bit of crunch, that you should use different nuts and seeds for salad toppings. Chopped walnuts, pinenuts, or almond slices would make wonderful additions or substitutions for the sunflower seeds.

Dressing: If you are seeking to strive one thing aside from a lemon French dressing, tahini dressing, yogurt dressing, or avocado dressing would pair nicely with the remainder of the substances.

Protein: To add extra protein, think about doubling the hen breast amount. You can even swap your protein utilizing turkey or salmon fillets. Or add just a little selection by combining a couple of meat – bacon crumbles could be divine with the hen and avocado kale salad.

Vegetarian: The plant-based crowd can nonetheless get pleasure from kale salad on keto. Consider utilizing grilled or baked tofu reduce into cubes to switch the hen (super-firm is lowest in carbs). Chopped hard-boiled eggs would additionally make a superb meatless choice.

Salad in shallow dish with glass of water in background.

📦 Storage

Keto kale salad with avocado is finest served instantly after preparation. Cut avocado does not retailer nicely or final lengthy within the fridge. The recipe will be scaled up or down within the interactive recipe card under so you may make what you want.

However, there are just a few workarounds if you’re planning for leftovers. Instead of tossing the avocado with the salad, you may hold the avocado separate and garnish particular person servings. Additionally, in case you retailer the dressing individually on the aspect and costume solely throughout meal occasions, the salad will last more.

The massaged kale salad saved with out avocado or dressing will last as long as three days refrigerated in an hermetic container.

The salad dressing will last as long as two weeks refrigerated in an hermetic container.

Chicken and kale salad in shallow white bowl.

🥗 Nutrition Information

With kale and avocado as star substances, it is no shock this dish is wholesome and nutritious. But the opposite substances within the recipe present dietary advantages as nicely!

Kale is praised as a superfood, excessive in fiber, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Not solely is it loaded with nutritional vitamins A, C, and Ok, it’s a wealthy supply of calcium and manganese. Kale can also be a low-oxalate leafy inexperienced, which permits the physique to soak up calcium extra readily.

Avocado and additional virgin olive oil (EVOO) present a wonderful supply of wholesome fat and include many antioxidants, which can have anti-inflammatory results. These fat are identified to profit coronary heart well being and assist take in the fat-soluble nutritional vitamins in your meals. Avocado can also be a improbable supply of potassium (tremendous important to combat keto flu!).

Chicken is a high-quality supply of protein, lemon juice boosts vitamin C, and the sunflower seed kernels supply a variety of micronutrients.

The recipe ready as written supplies excessive quantities of monounsaturated fat, B nutritional vitamins, folate, nutritional vitamins A, C, E, and Ok, calcium, magnesium, and selenium. It’s unimaginable how massive an improve your vitamin can get with one thing so simple as a salad!

The energy and macronutrients (macros) for every serving are supplied within the vitamin label discovered within the interactive recipe card under. Net carbs for every 2-cup serving of the keto kale salad are solely 3g.


How do you therapeutic massage kale?

Massaging kale is tremendous straightforward!

First, take away the thick stems from every leaf. Tear or reduce the kale into skinny strips or small items and place them right into a bowl.

Drizzle a small quantity of olive oil over the leaves and add a pinch of salt. Use your palms to squeeze and rub the leaves collectively, distributing the olive oil and salt.

Do this till the kale turns into tender and begins to wilt, however do not overdo it, or the leaves might change into mushy as a substitute of sentimental.

For Lacinato kale, massaging for about 30 to 40 seconds is sufficient, although curly varieties might require one to 2 minutes.

Does massaging kale make it much less bitter?

Yes, massaged kale is much less bitter.

When you therapeutic massage kale with oil and salt, this enables the vegetable to soak up and infuse these flavors, along with breaking down the inflexible, fibrous cell partitions within the leaves.

This course of makes it simpler to chew and digest whereas additionally enhancing the flavour.

Is kale okay on keto?

Yes, kale is a non-starchy vegetable excessive in fiber and low in web carbs, making it a suitable keto-friendly choice for salads and different dishes.

In 100 g of uncooked kale, there are four.42 g complete carbs and four.1 g fiber, yielding a web carb rely of solely zero.32 g. 

In 1 cup of kale, complete carbs are zero.91 g and fiber zero.85, for a web carb complete of simply zero.06 g. Since the carbohydrates are principally from fiber, they don’t instantly affect ketosis and will be excluded from the whole carb rely on keto.

How many carbs are in kale salad?

The carbs in kale salad will rely on the sorts of substances used, together with toppings and dressings.

While kale is extraordinarily low in carbs by itself, dressings with sugar or starch substances may contribute to a excessive carb rely. Keep carbs down by utilizing low-carb substances and high-fiber, non-starchy greens.

For this keto kale salad, there are eight g complete carbs with 5 g coming from fiber for a web carb complete of three g per 2-cup serving.

What salad dressing is sweet for keto?

Best salad dressings for keto are those which are low in sugar and freed from starchy substances and fillers that contribute to the whole carb rely.

Homemade salad dressings are typically higher choices for keto, as you may select what goes in (normally an oil or fats with herbs and spices) and what stays out (sugar, flour, and many others.).

Oil-based vinaigrettes, just like the lemon dressing on this recipe, are nice choices. Creamy salad dressings appropriate for keto might use mayonnaise, Greek yogurt, bitter cream, or blended avocado for the bottom.

Is kale salad good for weight reduction?

Kale is low in energy and packed with vitamins, making it a well-liked dietary choice for weight reduction targets.

It’s additionally excessive in fiber, which helps urge for food regulation and intestine well being – two crucial elements of the load loss equation.

Kale salad will be good for weight reduction functions when paired with aware consuming and portion management.

📖 Recipe

Pouring salad dressing over kale salad in bowl.

Keto Kale Salad with Avocado, Chicken, & Lemon Dressing

This fast and simple massaged kale salad is bursting with flavorful avocado, hen, and peppery lemon dressing. A easy, wholesome meal that’s low-carb and keto-friendly!

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Course: Dinner, Lunch, Main Course, Salad, Side Dish

Cuisine: American

Diet: Diabetic, Gluten Free, Low Calorie

Keyword: straightforward, wholesome, keto, low carb, fast, salad, easy, greens

Special Diet: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Keto, Low Carb, Paleo

Servings: four Servings

Serving Size: 2 cups (~166g)

Net Carbs: threeg


The Salad

  • eight cups kale uncooked (~2 bunches)
  • ½ tsp additional virgin olive oil
  • 1 pinch sea salt
  • 1 hen breast cooked, chopped into ½-inch cubes
  • ¼ pink onion medium, diced
  • 1 avocado reduce into sq. items
  • ¼ cup sunflower seed kernels


Prepare the Kale Salad

  • Wash and dry kale leaves. Cut or strip out thick stems from every leaf and discard. Chop or tear the inexperienced leafy a part of kale into strips or ribbons, about ½-inch thick, and place in massive bowl.

  • Add a small quantity of olive oil and salt to the kale. Massage the oil and salt into the leaves by rubbing and squeezing collectively till they begin to change into tender and wilt, about 30 to 60 seconds. Take care to not over-massage the kale to forestall lack of texture.

  • Add chopped hen, diced pink onion, avocado items, and sunflower seed kernels to the bowl. Toss the salad to evenly distribute the substances all through.

Prepare the Lemon Dressing Vinaigrette

  • Add remaining olive oil, lemon juice, white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, black pepper, and sea salt to a container or jar with tightly fitted lid.

  • Secure the lid and shake nicely till the substances have mixed, about 20-30 seconds.

  • Pour the dressing over the ready kale salad and toss earlier than serving.



Nutrition data relies on a single serving and is supplied as a comfort for Ketogasm readers. Data might fluctuate primarily based on model and recipe variation.


Nutrition Facts

Keto Kale Salad with Avocado, Chicken, & Lemon Dressing

Serving Size


2 cups (~166g)

Amount per Serving

% Daily Value*

* Percent Daily Values are primarily based on a 2000 calorie eating regimen.

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