Is Oat Fiber Actually Keto? Full Breakdown

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Have you ever seen a keto product the place the principle ingredient was oat fiber? I’m positive you puzzled what oat fiber is, and if it’s actually keto. This article will breakdown every part from how oat fiber is made, to all the advantages of this magic ingredient. If you’ve thought of making oat fiber a part of your each day food regimen it’s greatest to know what goes into it first!

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What is Oat Fiber?

An oat plant has 4 most important components: The plant as an entire, the one oat flower, the surface husk/ hull which is protected by the flower, and at last the interior groat. The groat is often used for oats, metal lower oats, oat flour, and different normal oat based mostly merchandise. Oat fiber nevertheless, is created by pulverizing the outer shell of the oat kernel/groat. This outer shell is the husk or hull inside the oat flower (aka the third layer mentioned above). Think of an oat plant like a Russian nesting doll with means too many layers!

While the groat is extra generally utilized in oat merchandise, oat fiber makes use of the fibrous husk/ hull to make a powder that isn’t simply digested within the physique. Thus creating an insoluble fiber that works properly on a keto food regimen.

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How is Oat Fiber Made

Oat fiber is made by choosing and washing the oat plant in order that it will probably dry after which be separated into components. Harvesters take away the groat (oat kernel) from the husk and flower. This husk is then despatched to be floor right into a powder that turns into oat fiber.

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Is Oat Fiber Keto?

Oat fiber is 100% keto pleasant. Oats should not keto pleasant as a result of insulin spike that comes with grains. Oat fiber alternatively is product of insoluble fiber which is indigestible by the physique. Indigestible fiber comparable to insoluble fiber does “not require insulin to digest”, due to this fact it is not going to spike your insulin as a lot as common oats.

The most important issues we search for when deciding if a meals may be keto is the blood glucose ranges and insulin spike after consuming. Oat fiber has not proven to have a big spike; if any in insulin. Plus per four gram serving oat fiber there are solely four whole carbs, and simply 1 web carb! Therefore this magic oat fiber is completely keto due to its giant insoluble fiber content material.

Common Marketing for Oats and Oat Fiber

Have you gone to buy a container of oats or oat fiber and seen phrases like non gmo and excessive in dietary fiber? While advertising and marketing could make shopping for a product complicated, we’ve damaged down some fundamental advertising and marketing phrases and given you a simple means to pick the reality.

The “Devil” Gluten

When you go to the shop to buy an oat product you’re bombarded with tons of promoting. “Non gmo, gluten free, high in dietary fiber”, ect. So what does it actually imply for oats to be gluten free? Well, technically all oats are gluten free. However, not all oats are processed in gluten free amenities (a constructing the place wheat flour isn’t processed). If you might have celiacs illness it’s vital to purchase oats that say free from gluten, in any other case it’s actually simply advertising and marketing at its best making an attempt to sway you into shopping for their product.

Is Oat Fiber Gluten Free?

As we coated above oat fiber is gluten free. The oat plant itself is a grain, but it surely isn’t wheat or combined with any type of gluten. Just ensure that if you’re celiac to buy oat fiber that’s processed in an authorized gluten free facility.


Non-GMO oat fiber and oat merchandise generally is one time period we do suggest hyping up. While it doesn’t actually change the nutrient profile avoiding GMO’s is all the time a good suggestion. One SUPER vital factor to notice although is that, even GMO free merchandise can nonetheless use a harsh chemical known as glyphosate. Glyphosate is used to dry out merchandise like oats, grains, peas, and corn for sooner manufacturing. If you do have the means we suggest shopping for licensed natural oat fiber as a result of it is going to be free from this harsh chemical desiccant (here’s a top quality oat fiber that’s natural). Organic farmers should not allowed to make use of glyphosate or round-up on crops.

There are tons of promoting hoaxes on the market, however these are only a few phrases to look out for when buying any oat based mostly product.

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Benefits to Oat Fiber

Oat fiber doesn’t have a ton of nutritional vitamins and minerals as a result of it does come from a grain, nevertheless it actually has its fair proportion of different advantages.

Its High Fiber Content

There’s no denying oat fiber has a ton of insoluble fiber that can simply knock the U.S. dietary fiber tips out of the park. While fiber actually isn’t needed on a keto food regimen, growing dietary fiber might assist with constipation on keto. There are three grams of fiber per teaspoon of oat fiber, simply surpassing what you’ll get in a typical excessive sugar oat bran muffin.

It’s Gluten Free

If you’re delicate to wheat based mostly flour merchandise, oat flour, oat bran, and oat fiber make nice replacements. Oat fiber often works greatest along side different keto flours like coconut and almond, however total is a superb substitution for these delicate to wheat. Check out some recipes for baked items we make beneath with oat fiber.

Fiber Feeds the Gut

Most individuals are beginning to understand simply how a lot good meals and food regimen impact not simply our our bodies, but in addition our intestine. The intestine is understood by many docs because the second mind, so it’s vital to maintain your physique in prime form as a lot as doable. Oat fiber “is understood to help slow blood glucose absorption and have a prebiotic effect”. Meaning the insoluble fiber in oats stimulates probiotic and prebiotic micro organism within the intestine. While a grain base isn’t all the time the best fiber to make use of, oat fiber nonetheless does a terrific job at caring for the physique by feeding its intestine well being.

Keeping you Fuller Longer

If you’ve ever had a grain crammed baked good, about 20 minutes later you’re hungry once more. That’s as a result of the grain based mostly recipe doesn’t even have sufficient fiber to blunt your starvation. Oat fiber is full of three grams of fiber per TEASPOON! That means extra regulated blood sugar ranges and a baked good that really satiates you.

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Oat Fiber vs. Other Fibers

Oat fiber is an insoluble fiber which means it’ll bulk the stool up. Soluble fiber alternatively, attracts in water and helps to gel up the stool. Some particular oat fiber comparisons:

  • Oat Bran– Oat bran is the outer shell of the kernel contained in the husk. Oat bran has loads much less fiber than oat fiber, and is often solely utilized in small quantities inside baked items. Per serving (20 grams), the dietary info of oat bran exhibits there are three.5g fiber and 9.5g web carbs.

Soluble Fibers

  • Psyllium Husk– Psyllium husk in contrast to oat bran is a low carb soluble fiber. It works properly to maintain baked items moist as a result of it gels up. Psyllium husk can even assist keto recipes like pizza dough with their elasticity and chewy crust. It isn’t used alone identical to oat fiber, however as an alternative is mixed with a small quantity of grain free flour.
  • Lupin Flour– Lupin flour is created from lupini beans and can be a wealthy supply of fiber. Per 1/four cup, the vitamin info exhibits there are 11 grams of fiber. However there may be 12g whole carbs which suggests there may be simply 1 web carb per serving. This bean based mostly flour can be of the soluble selection which means it’ll type a gel when digested. When searching for a low carb bread substitution or different elements you should use to bake with strive lupin flour.

These are only a few fiber sources, however a few of the most corresponding to oat fiber. This is as a result of all will work nice for baking and are comparatively low in energy. Lupin flour and psyllium husk are nice elements to make use of in low carb recipes. They create a gluten like texture with out all of the energy and carbs.

Using Oat Fiber in Keto Recipes

Now that we’ve mentioned some elements that may be in comparison with oat fiber, it’s time to speak about cooking with fiber. Baking a keto meals comparable to bread with non-traditional elements can pose just a few points. When you order bread you count on a crusty, chewy, risen loaf. However recipe elements like almond flour and coconut flour lack that chewy texture when baked. A great way to get that superb bread-y texture is so as to add a little bit of oat fiber.

This new well being meals; oat fiber will assist to make your recipe genuine in each style and texture. For recipes oat fiber can be utilized along side almond flour to get your superb chewy; non crumbly texture. Or if making an attempt to substitute oat fiber for oat flour you will have 1/four cup oat fiber instead of every 1 cup of standard flour. While oat fiber could also be extra absorbent that doesn’t imply you’ll be able to’t modify your favourite recipes to incorporate this excessive fiber meals.

Keto Oat Fiber Recipe Ideas

If you’ve needed to strive a baked merchandise made with oat fiber, we received you coated. Try our:

  • Keto Protein Cake– We add a little bit of fiber into our protein cake so that you get a fluffy cake that isn’t dry and crumbly. Our recipe even comes with a frosting recipe, so you’ll be able to have meals that tastes higher than once you order it from a bakery.
slices of iced vanilla protein cake
  • Low Carb High Fiber Muffins– Each of those excessive fiber muffins have simply over 14 grams of fiber! There should not many meals, particularly keto ones that can get you that a lot fiber per serving. These are candy, buttery, and cinnamon-y. Bakers beware this merchandise could also be addicting!
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There are tons extra recipes on the market with oat fiber and we suggest you go searching, as a result of this excessive fiber ingredient makes the proper addition to all keto baked items!

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