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Can you even get any Pizza hut keto choices? It’s not straightforward, however doable! The secret’s to select the correct meals and keep away from people who you shouldn’t eat on keto. In comparability to different quick meals eating places we’ve reviewed, Pizza Hut was positively one of the tough ones!

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three Tips on How to Eat Keto at Pizza Hut

Guys, let me inform you – out of all of the quick meals locations we’ve written about, that is by far the one which takes the cake for being actually tough. Pizza Hut keto choices are scarce, however not inconceivable. Here are the three main recommendations on tips on how to eat out at Pizza Hut if you’re on the keto food plan:

1. Stick to Salads (if doable)

Pizza Hut menu is sort of difficult as a result of it doesn’t checklist all the things that’s accessible. Some places supply extra choices than others and if the placement you’re in presents salads, that’s your greatest guess.

Remember to take away croutons and steer clear of dressings which have a excessive carb depend. Several salads are additionally okay if you first have a look at them, however then if you dig a bit deeper you’ll see that they’re not.

For instance, their Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad is made with crispy, breaded rooster, and never all places will assist you out even for those who ask them to swap it for the grilled possibility.

2. Create Your Own Pizza and Skip the Crust

I do know this sounds ridiculous, nevertheless it’s the truth of Pizza Hut keto choices. Eating low carb isn’t all that tough, however then if you attempt to eat out it may get difficult.

Order a pizza, skip the crust and easily scrape off the low carb pizza toppings. If you need to, you may also get a aspect salad and a keto pleasant dressing on the aspect.

three. Avoid all Temptations

And Pizza Hut has loads of them. For instance, get water as a substitute of soda. Well, what about coke zero? It’s keto, however know that food plan soda continues to be unhealthy for you and has tons of synthetic sweeteners inside.

Oh, however Pizza Hut has wings! The solely keto Pizza Hut wings you will get are a number of the conventional bone-in wings. Each one among their bone-out wing choices has a flour-like coating and isn’t okay on keto – even those with buffalo sauce or the lemon pepper rub!

For instance, 1 lemon pepper rub bone-out is 6g of carbs per wing. Although the macros match, I doubt you’ll be glad with consuming only one or two rooster wings.

Is There Such a Thing as Keto Pizza?

Of course, there may be, however not at Pizza Hut for positive. With the Pizza Hut keto menu being practically non-existent if it wasn’t for the salads, I’d positively advocate you make your personal and fulfill your cravings.

We extremely advocate you attempt our Keto Chicken Crust Pizza recipe with solely three substances (and you may eat the entire pizza!) or attempt our Keto Fathead Pizza. Both are low carb, keto pleasant, and style similar to the true factor.

Are Pizza Hut Wings Keto?

You’re in luck as a result of a number of the Pizza Hut rooster wings are keto and low carb!

Traditional bone-in wings (per wing):

  • Naked – 80 energy; four.5g fats; 9g protein; 0g complete carbs; 0g web carbs
  • Cajun Rub – 80 energy; 2.5g fats; 9g protein; <1g complete carbs; <1g web carbs
  • Garlic Parmesan – 140 energy; 11g fats; 10g protein; <1g complete carbs; <1g web carbs
  • Lemon Pepper Rub – 80 energy; four.5g fats; 9g protein; <1g complete carbs; <1g web carbs
  • Ranch Rub – 80 energy; four.5g fats; 9g protein; <1g complete carbs; <1g web carbs

If you’re in search of some rooster wings keto recipes, try Crispy Oven Chicken Wings in addition to Easy Baked Chicken Wings that you’ll definetely love!

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Can I Eat Pizza Toppings and No Crust?

Pizza Hut gained’t most likely accommodate you for those who ask for toppings solely in a bowl or one thing. This positively is dependent upon who’s there and what Pizza Hut guidelines they observe.

If you need to order low carb, get a pizza with keto pleasant and low carb toppings, scrape them off and eat it with out the pizza crust.


Although this isn’t best, for those who actually need to get the style of a pizza with out the carbs, merely order one and scrape off all of the toppings. Pizza Hut isn’t keto food plan pleasant in any respect, so it’s fairly tough to eat low carb.

Remember that not all toppings are okay on the ketogenic food plan. For instance, we’re all for consuming purple onions, however sparsely. According to Pizza Hut’s dietary information, a big pizza has 16g of carbs coming from purple onions solely.

That’s too many carbs and that’s why we excluded these sorts of toppings from the checklist.

  • Applewood smoked bacon
  • Beef
  • Diced Roma tomatoes
  • Green bell peppers
  • Chile peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Black olives
  • Grilled rooster
  • Italian sausage
  • Pepperoni
  • Ham
  • Slow-roasted ham
  • Seasoned pork
  • Banana peppers
  • Jalapeno peppers

Pizza Hut Keto Friendly Salads

Salads are at all times good, nevertheless it’s necessary to do not forget that not all of them are low carb and keto pleasant!

Pick from those we’ve listed for you beneath and keep in mind to keep away from the Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad (until you swap crispy rooster for grilled rooster) in addition to the Buffalo Chicken Salad. The wings used on this salad are coated with corn maltodextrin and a bunch of different excessive carb, unhealthy substances.

Garden Salad (no croutons, no dressing)

This salad has a mix of leafy greens akin to iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, cucumbers, purple onions and sliced Roma tomatoes. It’s an exquisite selection for many who are keto and vegetarian!

Nutrition information: 50 energy; 1g fats; 3g protein; 10g complete carbs; 8g web carbs

BLT Salad (no croutons, no dressing)

Here you’ll get a leafy greens mix, applewood smoked bacon, Parmesan cheese and sliced Roma tomatoes. Say no to the croutons and say no to the dressing. Instead, choose a special one from our checklist beneath.

Nutrition information: 170 energy; 12g fats; 10g protein; 9g complete carbs; 6g web carbs

Chicken Caesar Salad (no croutons, no dressing)

In this salad you’ll get a leafy greens mix, baked rooster and Parmesan cheese. Skip on the croutons and the dressing and swap it for one thing extra keto pleasant, just like the Royal Cesar Marzetti salad dressing. You also can get a Classic Caesar Salad on the aspect (it’s smaller).

Nutrition information: 290 energy; 17g fats, 29g protein; 9g complete carbs; 7g web carbs

Zesty Italian Salad (no croutons, no dressing)

leafy greens mix, ham, pepperoni, contemporary purple onions, Mediterranean black olives, Parmesan cheese, sliced banana peppers, sliced Roma tomatoes

Nutrition information: 270 energy; 19g fats; 15g protein; 13g complete carbs; 9g web carbs

Don’t overlook to take a look at the very best keto salad recipes you and your loved ones are going to like.

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Keto Friendly Salad Dressings

  • Blue Cheese Marzetti (1.5 oz): 200 energy; 21g fats; 1g protein; 2g complete carbs; 2g web carbs
  • Buttermilk Ranch Marzetti (1.5 oz): 200 energy; 22g fats; 0g protein; 2g complete carbs; 2g web carbs
  • Light Italian Marzetti (1.5 oz): 15 energy; 1g fats; 0g protein; 2g complete carbs; 2g web carbs
  • Royal Caesar Marzetti (1.5 oz): 180 energy; 18g fats; 1g protein; 2g complete carbs; 2g web carbs

Our Final Opinion

There aren’t too many keto food plan pleasant choices at Pizza Hut, however for those who should eat there, you greatest guess to consuming low carb is to get a salad or the bare bone in wings with a dry rub or a dipping sauce on the aspect.

Stay away from pizza until you’re consuming customized toppings solely, skip on any bread and sandwiches, desserts and excessive carb, sugary drinks.

For extra guides on tips on how to keep keto at locations like Pizza Hut, try our information on consuming low carb at Burger King, Five Guys, Olive Garden, Jack within the Box, and far more right here.

Pizza Hut Keto Restaurant Guide

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