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If you’re in search of Whataburger keto and low carb meals, we’ve got ready a full listing of keto weight loss program choices beneath. You can select from a number of totally different burgers (with out the bun, after all), their breakfast menu and two totally different, keto pleasant salads. What we like about Whataburger essentially the most is how simple their choices are.

man in whataburger restaurant with keto meal options

One of essentially the most spectacular issues about their web site is that you would be able to simply lookup, for instance, the quantity of carbs in a Whataburger sans the bun!

We don’t actually keep in mind the final time we’ve reviewed a restaurant and such an choice was attainable. For that, Whataburger will get main bonus factors from us. For extra keto choices on the go, learn our full keto quick meals information.

Can I discover low carb meals at Whataburger?

Most of Whataburger low carb gadgets are excessive in protein, however not essentially excessive in fat. While you want fat to supply ketones, protein will preserve you full for longer! Choose from rooster sandwiches, a rooster fajita taco (we didn’t embrace it in our listing beneath – with out the wrap, it’s the very same factor because the grilled rooster soften) and rooster salad are all wholesome keto choices.

If you need to up your fat for an ideal low carb keto ratio, merely ask for an additional slice of cheese or a packet or two of mayonnaise. Remember that low carb quick meals restaurant meals are nearly all the time thought of “soiled keto“, so even in case you order low carb it will not be the healthiest factor attainable.

Here is a complete listing of ketogenic weight loss program authorized Whataburger menu choices:

1. Taquito with Cheese (no wrap)

Ask for no wrap. Eat it with sausage, bacon or chorizo. Remember to avoid potatoes, since they’re excessive in carbs and never keto pleasant. It comprises an egg and cheese too. With just about no carbs, breakfast meals make the perfect ketogenic weight loss program choices on the market.

Nutrition data: 280 energy; 24g fats; 16g protein; 0g complete carbs; 0g internet carbs

2. Breakfast On A Bun (no bun)

Can we actually name it a breakfast sandwich if it has no bread? Asking for a buddy. Anyway! This one comes with both sausage or bacon (your alternative), egg and a slice of melted American. Remember to toss the bun and keep away from any ketchup, hash browns and fizzy drinks on the aspect.

Nutrition data: 384 energy; 32g fats; 24g protein; 0g complete carbs; 0g internet carbs

three. Biscuit Sandwich (no biscuit)

Order it with no biscuit. You can order with with sausage or bacon. It comes with an egg and a slice of American. You can simply double your meal by throwing in some add-ons.

Nutrition data (bacon): 317 energy; 29g fats; 14g protein; 0g complete carbs; 0g internet carbs

Breakfast Platter (no biscuit, no hash browns)

This breakfast meal choice merely comprises scrambled eggs and bacon. Eat it with out the biscuit and take away hash browns as properly. You can double the quantity of protein and even add cheese, bacon and different low carb toppings.

Nutrition data: 420 energy; 36g fats; 24g protein; 0g complete carbs; 0g internet carbs

Whataburger (no bun)

The most traditional choice on the menu, you possibly can’t go mistaken with it. Order it with out the bun. You’ll get a big beef patty, tomatoes, pickles, onions and mustard. Not sufficient meals? Get the Double Meat Whataburger or the Triple Meat Whataburger.

Nutrition data (common): 280 energy; 20g fats; 20g protein; 6g complete carbs; 4g internet carbs

bacon cheeseburger without the bun from whataburger

Whataburger Patty Melt (no bun)

Two giant beef patties and two slices of Monterey Jack. For no additional cost you possibly can add tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, diced onions or a aspect salad to your meal.

Nutrition data: 610 energy; 48g fats; 42g protein; 0g complete carbs; 0g internet carbs

Jalapeno and Cheese Whataburger (no bun)

Calling all of the spicy lovers! Order it with out the bun. You’ll get a big beef patty, a slice of American cheese, some jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions and mustard.

Nutrition data: 370 energy; 27g fats; 25g protein; 7g complete carbs; 5g internet carbs

Bacon and Cheese Whataburger (no bun)

A extremely strong choice for a ketofied burger! It comprises a big beef patty, American cheese, three bacon sliced, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions and mustard, which has a low carb depend so no points right here.

Nutrition data: 440 energy; 32g fats; 30g protein; 6g complete carbs; 4g internet carbs

Avocado Bacon Burger (no bun, no creamy pepper sauce)

Order it with out the bun and avoid the creamy pepper sauce. This low carb meal comprises a big beef patty, American cheese, three bacon slices, avocado, tomatoes and onions.

Nutrition data: 525 energy; 39g fats; 31g protein; 8g complete carbs; 4g internet carbs

Mushroom Swiss Burger (no bun, no au jus)

Skip the bun and the creamy au jus sauce. Instead, seize mayonnaise or mustard. This low carb menu choice comprises two 5″ beef patties, two slices of Swiss American and fireplace roasted mushrooms. It’s an superior sandwich. Or ought to we are saying unwich?

Nutrition data: 660 energy; 48g complete fats; 45g protein; 2g complete carbs; 2g internet carbs

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (no bun)

Skip the bun and ask for it to be served in a bowl. You’ll get a grilled rooster fillet, tomatoes, lettuce and their signature WhataSauce (which is okay in our e book!).

Nutrition data: 200 energy; 9g complete fats; 25g protein; 5g complete carbs; 3g internet carbs

Grilled Chicken Melt (no bun)

Toss the bun to make it keto pleasant. Here you’ll get a grilled rooster fillet, a slice of Monterey Jack and a portion of grilled peppers and onions. It’s filled with protein and solely 3g of internet carbs!

Nutrition data: 215 energy; 9g fats; 28g protein; 5g complete carbs; 3g internet carbs

Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad

This is certainly one of our favourite low carb choices at Whataburger. In this salad you’ll get a grilled rooster filet, a tough boiled egg, shredded cheese, three bacon slices, six grape tomatoes and a few grated carrots on a crimson roma salad mix. And sure, we’re okay with carrots on keto – moderation is essential! Need a sauce? Look beneath for our listing of keto weight loss program pleasant choices.

Nutrition data: 430 energy; 22g fats; 45g protein; 10g complete carbs; 8g internet carbs

grilled chicken cobb salad from whataburger

Grilled Chicken Garden Salad

If you’re a fan of salads, you’ll love this one. It’s easy and filled with protein to maintain you full for longer. It has a grilled rooster filet, shredded cheese, grape tomatoes and matchstick carrots. Eat it with a low carb Whataburger dressing, similar to ranch or salsa verde.

Nutrition data: 290 energy; 12g fats; 33g protein; 12g complete carbs; 2g internet carbs

What to eat and what to keep away from

In comparability to different quick meals eating places, Whataburger’s menu and low carb choices are less complicated. If it’s a sandwich or a burger, get it with out the bun, omit sauces more often than not as properly.

Want extra add-ons?

Here is an entire listing of low carb quick meals choices at Whataburger:

  • Avocado (1g internet)
  • Hard-boiled egg (0g internet)
  • Bacon (0g internet)
  • Grilled peppers and onion (2g internet)
  • Jalapenos (1g internet)
  • Small American cheese (0g internet)
  • Large American cheese (0g internet)
  • Monterey Jack (0g internet)
  • Shredded Cheddar (0g internet)
  • Blue cheese (2g internet)
  • Fire roasted brown mushrooms (1g internet)

Sauces and dressings:

  • Picante sauce (1g internet)
  • Salsa verde (1g internet)
  • Buffalo sauce (2g internet)
  • Jalapeno ranch dressing (2g internet)
  • Mayonnaise (0g internet)
  • Mustard (1g internet)

Avoid these:

  • French fries
  • Onion rings
  • Apple Slices
  • Ketchup
  • Balsamic French dressing
  • Buttermilk ranch dressing
  • Cream gravy
  • Creamy pepper sauce
  • Fat free ranch dressing
  • Honey BBQ sauce
  • Honey mustard sauce
  • Low fats herb French dressing
  • Low fats honey pepper French dressing
  • Thousand Island dressing
  • Apple and cranberry salad
  • Honey BBQ rooster strip sandwich
  • Honey butter rooster biscuit
  • Breakfast pancakes
  • No deserts
  • No shakes & malts
  • No soda ( besides weight loss program ones)
  • No crispy rooster meals
  • No buns, wraps and biscuits

Our closing opinion

Hands down Whataburger has essentially the most complete system of calculating macros by ingredient we’ve got seen up to now in quick meals eating places. You don’t need the bun, however wish to add some bacon and diced onions? Maybe a aspect salad? You can simply calculate what sort of macros will you will have in your meal.

Not certain what we’re speaking about?

Go to their web site right here and click on on the menu tab, then choose something you need. You’ll see the magic unfold there. I believe all of us on a keto or low carb weight loss program will recognize how handy that’s.

whataburger restaurant with text overlay saying whataburger keto

For extra critiques on learn how to dine out, try these: Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Panera and plenty of, many extra!

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